Elaborate and organize all types and formats of training in the most relevant branches of business
Training formats
Methodical elaboration and implementation of online and offline courses
Creation and implementation of business games and strategic session
Corporate university
Organisation of complex teaching center within a company
Categories of training
HR politics
  • Methods and forms of personnel assessment
  • Case-study as an instrument of professional competence vaildation 
  • Fundamentals of a corporate culture building
Communication and sales
  • Theory and practice of negotiation
  • Challenge sales
  • Sandler sales
  • SPIN sales
  • Consultant approach
  • SNAP sales
Branch skills
  • Control of work quality
  • Time-management
  • Industrial retraining 
  • Strategic management
  • Operational management
  • Agile methods
  • Matrix organisation
Selection stages
Task analysis
Studying of technical requirement, alignment of terms and work conditions
Plan developing
Developing and presentation of planned project structure, including implementation terms of each stages, adjustment and clarification
Final implementation of a presented project
Guarantee control
Post-service consulting and audit of recieved professional knowledge
Find out a price
Training format
Training category
Business branch of your company
Object and a desirable result of training
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Your position
Your name
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