We perform searching, selecting and complex assessment of candidates, including psychodiagnosis and case-study
Fill positions
Marketing and PR
  • marketing specialist
  • performance specialist
  • SMM specialist
  • event-manager
  • PR specialist
  • spokeperson
  • context ad specialist
  • CPA specialist
  • SEO optimisation specialist
  • media buyer
  • brand manager 
  • marketing analytic
  • content manager
IT and telecommunication
  • back-end developer (C++, Python, C, PHP, Java и др.)
  • front-end developer (HTML, CSS, Java script, JQuery
  • database developer (MySQL)
  • Big Data analyst
  • tester
  • apps developer (iOS,Android)
  • DevOps engineer 
  • product owner
  • project manager
  • designer (WEB, UI/UX, motion, 2D, 3D)
  • engineer (telecommunication)
High management
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Deputy director
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Chairman of board of directors
  • call-center operator
  • salesman (direct sales B2B)
  • salesman (direct sales B2C)
  • tenders manager (B2G)
  • Chief of Sales Department (РОП)
  • customer service manager
  • engineer (all branches) 
  • CNC machine operator
  • special equipment operator
  • foreman
  • electrical engineer
  • ironworker
  • production line worker
  • wireman
Operational staff
  • administrator
  • secretary
  • supply manager
  • администратор
  • logistics specialist
  • lawyer
  • accountant
  • office-manager
Selection stages
Technical requirement
Alignment all aspects of search and selection, demands to candidates and cooperation conditions
Developing of selection campaign
Creation of a search algorithm, including elaborating of optimal instruments and techniques 
Screening of resume bases
Selection of candidates, the most relevant to declared demands
Assessment of professional competence of candidates through cases - work situations models of certain profession
Holding of psychodiagnostic researches of personal characteristics of candidates, depending on a position category (emotional intellect, social intellect, communication skills, personality traits)
Presentation to client
Final presentation to client of the most optimal and relevant candidates, passed all selection stages
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Required amount of employees
Desirable term of position closing
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