Implementing all set of HR and management tasks, including creation of reglaments and instructions, preparation of documents. 
Outsourcing types
Personnel recruitment
  • Search and personnel selection for any relevant positions
  • Assessment including psychodiagnosis and case-study
  • Operative resignations replacement
HR records
  • Formalisation of hiring, dismissal from employment, vacations
  • Elaboration of job description
  • Control and regular updating of staffing table
Corporate culture
  • Developing and implementation of "health" corporate culture.
  • Mediation and levelling of conflicts among employees
  • Organisation and holding of team-building and motivational events
Fire safety
  • FS-assessment of an object preparedness conformity and its fire hazard category
  • Developing correct events
  • Elaborating of reglaments and instructions for emergencies
  • Preparation for inspections of supervisory authorities 
Environmental protection
  • Developing and implementation of special events for decreasing of negative impact level 
  • Waste management 
  • Monitoring of industrial wastewater
  • Monitoring of emission
  • Preparation for inspections of supervisory authorities 
Work safety
  • Enterprise risks assessment with Hazop method
  • Identification root reasons of accidents in a company
  • Increasing level of Work safety culture
  • Elaborating WS politics, effective work safety system
  • Preparation for inspections of supervisory authorities 
Industrial safety
  • Ensuring safety demands compliance on hazard industrial objects
  • Ensuring safety demands compliance by branches (oil, chemical, metallurgy, construction ets.)
  • Preparation for inspections of supervisory authorities
Work stages
Find out a price
Preliminary meeting
Alignment of key tasks of forthcoming work, joint technical requirement drafting
Alignment and treaty-making
Treaty-making with indication of all set of conditions, terms and reporting form
Signing a contract
Signing a contract and a beginning of an official project work
Feedback and reporting 
Обеспечение постоянной связи, представление отчетности о результатах работы в формате, согласованном в договоре
Outsourcing types
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