Консультируем руководителей по вопросам HR политики и менеджмента, помогаем сделать бизнес эффективнее
Consulting formats
HR policy
  • HR strategy forming
  • Elaborating of wage system reglaments
  • Creation of an assessment and diagnosis center
  • Organisation and developing of HR departments 
  • Optimisation HR department functioning
  • Implementation of corporate culture
  • Creation of Talent management system
  • Implementation of an optimal management system (linear, matrix, Agile, mixed)
  • Forming of a management strategy, scaling strategy
  • Elaborating KPI and motivational systems
  • Description of business processes
  • Forming new departments
  • Implementation new business automatisation systems
Work stages
Elaborating technical recuirement 
Studying of technical requirement, alignment of terms and work conditions
Work plan presentation
Developing and presentation of a planned project structure with indication of realisation terms for each stage and adding adjustments and correction
Implementation a presented project according to a coherent algorithm 
Guarantee control 
Post-service consulting and support in a management policy aspects of realised services area
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